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Welcome to Kelly Goodson Nutrition

My name is Kelly Goodson and I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I love to connect through food, travel, and nature. On the blog, I plan to share a variety of posts from informational nutrition content, favorite products, cooking tips, to a peek inside my everyday life.

I also will post meal ideas along with recipes. Don’t laugh too hard at my food pictures.. .I’m not a food photographer just putting it out there! My first food picture (above) is some roasted garlic cloves my husband made… Pretty good first try. The black specs are crushed red pepper-flakes which I could do without next time – Perhaps I’ll post the recipe at some point.

I love talking about intuitive eating/body image work and they are two of my biggest passions. I will share about body positivity  including intuitive eating, health at every size, weight stigma, thin privilege and fat phobia. A resource page with links and my favorite books will be added to the website.

We will dig into what health really is and what it is not (I’m looking at you – macros, fad diets, avoiding sugar, etc.) Discover how to make sustainable nutrition habits all while enjoying food!

 My focus is to generate nutrition/health/lifestyle topics on what you want to learn more about. Drop a comment below or use the contact page to share what kind of content you would like to see featured on the blog. Stay tuned..

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